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Modular Recycling Facilities

Scandinavian Enviro Systems deliver turnkey plants set to recover the valuable materials from used tyres.

Aiming at high return on investment and attractive payback time we have designed modular plants with possibility to scale up and add options suitable for each market and investment case. We offer an A-Z project management solution for the process installation at your existing site or offer assistance in cooperation with strong partners in site selection, civil works and permitting preparations.

Our core technology, the CFC-process will be offered scalable but always as a complete process. The pre- and post-process units might be offered separately depending on market conditions and investment focus.

In addition to the actual plant for recovery of tyre material we are offering a range of options for oil treatment and power generation as well as packaging solutions for carbon black and steel.

A full-scale 30,000 metric ton facility is staffed by 25-30 employees working in five shifts. The CFC plant is designed to operate 24 hours, 7 day per week.

The site layout might differ depending on logistic planning for incoming material and dispatch of products as well as storage for oil and potential options. Normally we recommend 20 000m2 for a plant with a capacity to process 30 000 metric ton tyres per year. More details are available upon request.

Our standard plant design is meeting EU-directives and regulations and is based on the European standards. We are able to provide US ANSI-standard upon request.

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Standard size plant – 30 000 tpa requires a building footprint of about 4000 m² incl big bag storage.