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All end products from the CFC process are commodities, priced on the global marketplace

All end products are fractions of the raw material

The recycling of rubber tyres yields end products with the following approximate percentages by weight: 30% carbon black, 45% oil, 15% steel and 10% gas. The fuel oil extracted by the CFC process contains both ordinary fuel oil and other valuable oil components. Currently, the valuable oil components are not separated from the ordinary fuel oil, but increased production volumes make it possible to optimize oil recovery. Scandinavian Enviro Systems is working closely with institutions and the industry to develop technologies and processes for refining the oil.

The price of a metric ton of waste tyres in Sweden is around SEK 350, yet this volume generates saleable end products with a value substantially in excess of this price. Preliminary estimates made by the company indicates a potential value increase of up to 10 times the input material cost depending on market conditions and crude oil price. Because the operating cost is relatively low compared to the value of the end products, the process harbours significant profit potential.

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