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Earlier this year, Scandinavian Enviro Systems signed two separate MoU’s with Chinese tyre manufacturer Vanlead Group, one for establishing a recycling plant in China, and one with the objective to set up a joint venture to market Enviro’s patented technology across the entire Chinese market.

“Vanlead’s position is one of China’s leading tyre producers and one that is focused on high-tech and sustainable solutions throughout their organization. Enviro represents a high degree of efficiency and automation and we fit in very well with Vanlead’s sustainability ambitions,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

Guangzhou Vanlead Group is a state-owned large industrial enterprise in Guangzhou. Founded in 2001, Vanlead specializes in the fields of rubber tyre, salt chemical and fine chemical with distinct regional and industrial advantage. In the middle of June, Enviro made another visit to China to continue planning and discussing issues related to the establishment of a recycling plant in the region.

“Both parties are working with great commitment to drive the process forward and the ambition to commence the project during this year remain to the highest extent”, says Thomas Sörensson.

Vanlead has a large number of subsidiaries, one of them being tyre manufacturer South China Tire & Rubber Co, the first large-scale state-owned enterprise to introduce professional technology to produce full-series radial tires in China. One of South China Tire & Rubber’s brands is Wanli Tire which, with annual capacity of 16 million tires and 2,100 employees, is the largest radial tire manufacturer in Southern China and one of the largest radial tire exporters in the country.

Vanlead Group’s tyre production represents a strategic area both domestically and internationally. The company is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers and exports tyres to Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world. Their aim is to expand production capacity, improve economy of scale, enhance competitiveness and become a domestic leading and world-famous rubber and tyre enterprise.

“China is the world’s biggest tyre market and new solutions for processing end-of-service tyres more circularly are necessary from both environmental and resource-related perspectives. Vanlead wants to take the initiative in the industry,” says Thomas Sörensson.

Vanlead Group recently signed a Project Investment letter of intent with the state of South Carolina to start building a $1 billion plant in South Carolina next year. The group also plans to set up a research centre in Europe and a joint research facility in Akron, Ohio. The US tyre plant will mark a major step in Vanlead's effort to build its brand globally.

Environmental efficiency

Vanlead's new Hefei factory, featuring so-called Industry 4.0, has been and is set up to be one of the world’s most automated tyre production units. To make the production greener, the factory has power generating facilities using steam pressure differential installed, saving close to $800,000 annually in energy costs. The factory’s water recycling system also enables the factory to achieve zero wastewater discharge.

“Vanlead share Enviro’s view that our unique production technology for sustainable materials is the future for the tyre industry. The fact that a state-owned company is the first to exhibit this high level of ambition is very positive,” says Thomas Sörensson.

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