The subscription price for the exercise of warrants of series 2018/2019 in Enviro has been set at 0.40 SEK


N.B. The English text is an in-house translation of the original Swedish text. Should there be any disparities between the Swedish and the English text, the Swedish text shall prevail.

Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB (publ) ("Enviro" or "the Company") carried out a rights issue with a subscription period from December 4 to December 18, 2018, where each subscriber received two (2) warrants without consideration per subscribed unit in the rights issue. The subscription price for each owned warrant corresponds to 70 percent of the volume-weighted average share price during the period August 15 to August 29, 2019, however, not lower than SEK 0.40 and not higher than SEK 1.00 per share. The volume-weighted average price during the measurement period was SEK 0.49, so the subscription price is set to SEK 0.40.

Terms for warrants of series 2018/2019 (TO2) in summary:

Subscription period: Subscription of shares with the support of warrants will take place during the period from September 2 to September 13, 2019.

Subscription price: Owners of warrants have the right to subscribe for (1) new share for each owned warrant at a subscription price of SEK 0.40 per share.

Last day for trading: The last day for trading for the warrants on Nasdaq First North is September 11, 2019.

Owners of warrants that wish to exercise their warrants can do so via Mangold Fondkommission AB. Note that owners of warrants whose holdings are nominee-registered should contact their nominee for further instructions. Further information will also be available on the Company's and Mangold's website during the subscription period, and, respectively.

For more information, please contact:
Thomas Sörensson, CEO Enviro, +46 (0)735-10 53 43,
Urban Folcker, CFO Enviro, +46 (0)760-00 13 11,
Alf Blomqvist, Board Chairman Enviro, +46 (0)733 149 700,

Mangold Fondkommission AB, +46 8 503 01 550,, is Enviro’s Certified Advisor at Nasdaq First North Stockholm.

Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB
Regnbågsgatan 8C
SE-417 55 Gothenburg, Sweden

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