Industrial breakthrough – carbon black from discarded tyres used to produce environmental rubber


A key milestone in Scandinavian Enviro Systems’ launch of recycled carbon black has now been reached through the launch of AnVa Polytech’s environmental rubber.

Today, AnVa Polytech launched its environmental rubber product, which uses up to 100% recycled carbon black from Enviro’s plant. Unlike conventional rubber which is based on virgin carbon black, the environmental rubber is based on recycled carbon black. The product is the result of a joint development project between AnVa and Enviro.

Carbon black can comprise up to a third of the input materials used in a rubber compound and determines properties, such as the tensile strength and tear resistance of the rubber product. However, virgin carbon black is an environmental villain as 1.5 to 2 kilos of oil are required to produce 1 kilo of carbon black. Compared with new production, when recycled through Enviro’s process, the carbon footprint from carbon black is estimated to be about 60% lower. Find out more about AnVa’s environmental rubber at

“We have tested and adapted the rubber for one specific application. The results were so good that we will now launch environmental rubber on a broader scale,” says Bo Norlin, CEO of AnVa Polytech.

Enviro recycles tyres and recovers their carbon black, oil, steel and gas. The launch is a milestone for carbon black recovery from waste rubber and confirms the stable, high quality of Enviro’s carbon black.

“I am pleased that a commercial application now offers our recycled carbon black. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time recycled carbon black is available as a commercial product,” says Martin Hagbyhn, CEO of Scandinavian Enviro Systems, and continues, “This completes the cycle for the circular economy regarding the recycling of vehicle tyres.”

In addition to AnVa, several other rubber producers are conducting production tests using Enviro’s carbon black in their rubber.

About Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB (publ)

Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB (publ) develops, constructs and sells plants for recycling vehicle tyres, primarily to extract carbon black, oil, steel and gas. The process is based on the company’s proprietary patented pyrolysis process – Carbonize by Forced Convection (CFC). The company has a full-scale production plant in Åsensbruk, Dalsland in Sweden. In parallel with functioning as a reference facility for the delivery of complete recycling plants, the facility also produces, in industrial operation, recycled carbon black for the rubber industry, oil for energy production and steel for the metal products industry. Scandinavian Enviro Systems is listed on Nasdaq First North under the ticker: SES. Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag is the company’s Certified Adviser.

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