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The steel scrap produced by this process comprises around 14 percent of the total output from a batch.

The steel comes mainly from the tyres’ reinforcement wire. During post-processing of the carbon black, steel is separated from the carbon. The steel is sold as high-quality steel scrap.

Steel scrap accounts for around 37 percent of the feedstock used in the production of new steel, but the amount varies over time, depending on price swings in iron ore. Italy is Europe’s biggest consumer of steel scrap, with a consumption of 20.8 million metric tons per year. Sweden consumed 2 million metric tons of steel scrap in 2012. The price of steel scrap has risen over time, and steel scrap is now considered to be a relatively valuable commodity. The price of steel scrap correlates with demand for new steel. Infrastructure projects in developing countries are the primary source of increased demand.

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