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TPO – Tyre Pyrolysis Oil

Oil with high bio content

Due to the high content of natural rubber in many of the tyres the oil recovered in the process contains about 50 percent bio-origin. This fact makes the oil increasingly interesting and valuable to the refinery and chemical market. Research with RISE shows a potential of at least 20 percent blending ratio into primary fuel production where the diesel output will have a significantly lower CO2 footprint. 

Time to change perception

  • Valuable petrochemicals to be used into refineries etc.
  • From each mT of ELT we will extract 0,5 mT of pyrolysis oil.
  • Each plant will minimum be able to supply 14000 mT TPO.
  • Acid No is low compared to oil from other feedstocks and viscosity and molecule weight is manageable.
  • MCR indicates relatively low tendency for thermal coking.
  • Since our raw material (ELT) holds a high bio content (about 50%) our TPO enables the oil and chemical industry to utilize a raw material containing a large renewable portion. 
  • Even higher bio content is obtained by using OTR tyres as feedstock.
  • Product eligible for renewable fuel certifications and sustainability premia.
  • Valuable extractions of chemical compounds from the TPO identified such as limonene, benzene etc.
  • From each ton of TPO is it possible according to SHC (Slurry hydrocracking) trials together with RISE in a project during 2019 to produce 243 KG petrol and 618 KG diesel, whereof 47 percent from fossil free source.

The pyrolysis market

There is competition on the pyrolysis market but the hurdles to enter the market are limiting the new entrants. Investments in R&D, patents, and industrialization as well as time to market are all factors new entrants needs to overcome. There are a limited number of competitors on the level of Enviro, and they are needed to build the capacity demanded to create the market.

Enviro’s oil is accredited under the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) scheme

Enviro’s recovered oil has recieved ISCC sustainability certification, making it easier for Enviro’s customers to achieve their sustainability targets.

The ISCC certification of recovered pyrolysis oil from Åsensbruk enables it to be sold in the EU and the UK as a raw material for the production of sustainable fuel. The oil and chemical industries have shown increasing interest in Enviro’s recovered pyrolysis oil.

Taking a leading position

Enviro’s recycled materials enables climate neutrality to the entire tyre and rubber industry. Taking a leading position in a global industry with a game changing technology that slashes CO2-emissions, produces Tyre Pyrolysis Oil with high bio content and provides a solution to global vehicle industry on recycling

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