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The oil produced in the CFC process comprises around 42 percent of a batch.

The oil produced by the CFC process has sulphur levels well below 1 percent. The oil is currently sold as fuel oil for industrial combustion, and sells at a discount on the crude oil price. This is because the flashpoint is low, yet it is possible to increase the total value of this end product through additional post-processing of the oil residues.

Fuel oil is a product produced by petroleum distillation, either as a distillate or as a slag product. Global refineries produce around 8 million barrels of oil per day, of which around 4 million barrels are traded on the commodities market. The price of fuel oil is low, and it is available in large quantities. The primary applications of fuel oil are power generation and use as bunker fuel on ships. Scandinavian Enviro Systems’ fuel oil is suitable for use as a fuel in industrial combustion processes.

The price of fuel oil is primarily determined by the price of crude oil, but short-term price fluctuations may occur as a result of refinery bottleneck problems. Although the price mainly correlates with the price of crude oil, the price can also vary due to differences in the fuel’s quality, characteristics and classification.

High bio content is a potential to explore

Since many tyres are containing significant portions of natural rubber we have analyzed several types of oils produced in our process. The results concluded a high bio content in our samples from normal production tyre mix and extremely high bio content for mining tyres. Our R&D function will continue to explore how we can use this knowledge and verified results to further increase the value of the oil due to the sustainability aspects. Depending on the regulatory developments in different markets this is a great potential to classify the oil as a bio-fuel or at least as “End of waste”.

The tests were conducted by the independent laboratory Beta Analytic in Miami and verify up to 48% bio content in oil produced with our standard tyre mix and up to 79% using mining tyres.

The oil is verified to meet the specifications of industrial Engines

Our ambition to enhance the value and range of use of our oil has lead to several Projects where we evaluate the capacity to run industrial Engines and even generating electrical powr to the state grid. The latest purification tests indicates that we are meeting the specificatios of several of the global producers of industrial Engines after separation of particle and water content. Such purification Equipment could potentially be offered as an option to the plant in the future. This is another potential to be able to classify the oil as “end of waste”, depending on the regulatory developments in different markets.

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