Each plant will have a minimum capacity of 30 000 ton End-of-Life Tyres per year.

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Taking a leading position globally with a game changing technology

The Foundations for Enviro’s success

Modularized and standardized engineering will enable shorter lead times and limit risk for each plant. Many aspects of planning and setting up a plant, commissioning and start of operations will be more efficient and ensuring that time to full operation is shortened.


The strategy of Enviro involves a module and standardization-based mindset in everything from engineering to supply chain, installation, building and construction design. By defining modules and standards the target is to limit lead times and risks in every phase.


Due to the standardization strategy Enviro will be able to efficiently duplicate the plant execution phases and run multiple projects in parallel. The systems, partners and processes selected are all based on a scalability strategy with industrial mindset.


In every aspect of the industrialization Enviro is implementing standards that will ensure Safety, Quality, Environment. A training program is being developed including a simulator that will prepare the operators before each plant is installed. Additional training programs at existing plants are also developed.


Rendition of what a facility in Uddevalla could look like. It was shown on 1 October 2021 as an example during the consultation meeting with the County Administrative Board and Uddevalla Municipality.

Site selection and criteria

A process for site selection is being prepared to cover all aspects of land, permitting, building, utilities and other practical issues. Prior to that a commercial assessment has been made, evaluated and compared with competitive alternatives. Logistics such as proximity to international airports, ports and train loading options and roads are evaluated. Availability of qualified workforce and communications as well as potential community and university collaborations and synergies are additional aspects considered.

Basic Design to package Svan 3, the new generation of plants based on technology and experiences with a high level of verifications based on deliveries of rCB, oil and steel to commercial customers.

State of the art, best available technology

Enviro has spent the last 20 years plus developing a technology that meets all aspects of the market requirements. Safety and Environment is at the core of our strategy, technology, and operation. We have prepared the platform we are now expanding to set the standard for this kind of sustainable technology and ensure that the solutions we provide supersedes the expectations of our stakeholders. Our target is to be the Best Available Technology (BAT) within our fields of operation.

Industrial supply chain

In order to fully capitalize on the preparations made in engineering we intend to set up a supply chain based on strategic partnerships that benefit from a industrialized supply chain with standardized equipment, manufacturing and shipment processes.

By having a transparent plan for our future demands we together with the selected suppliers can design the best possible solution to meet Quality, Time and Cost. Our supplier partners will be selected based on their capabilities not only from a technical and competence perspective but also their understanding and contribution to our vision.

  • Standardized Plant technology concept.
  • Standardized Building and Layout concept.
  • Centralized data and documentation management in COMOS by Siemens.
  • Defined and well-prepared process and documentation for Permitting.
  • Selected strategic Supplier Partners.
  • Competent and experienced Plant Execution Team.
  • Standardized Plant Execution process.
  • Standardized and well documented Training package with Simulator.
  • Standardized Start up and Operation process.
  • Standardized Service and Maintenance and Spare part strategy.

Åsensbruk – plant operated since 2012

In Åsensbruk, Sweden, Enviro has operated a plant since 2012 from which commercial deliveries of rCB to for instance the automotive industry has been made. The plant serves as a combined production, R&D and validation unit.

Enabling sustainability for industries in Carbon Black, Oil & Chemical industry

  • All plants will follow needed permitting process.
  • Meet the industrial emission directive 2010/75/EU – regarding emissions from industry.
  • All plants will be certified according to ISO 9000/14000.
  • Each plant will be certified according to ISCC EU/Plus.
  • All recycled materials will follow REACH regulation.

Scandinavian Enviro Systems key success factors