Global tyre manufacturer Michelin has developed a sustainable racing tyre containing 46 percent renewable and recovered material, including recovered carbon black from Enviro. Michelin has also developed a racing tyre for the MotoE World Cup, comprising between 33 and 40 percent recovered material, using Enviro’s technology.


General Rubber

EnviroCB™ P550 is replacing 100% of the original N550 in EPDM-based chassis plugs commercially produced by AnVa Polytech for Volvo Cars. The plugs are made by injection molding technique and comes in several different variants. Before approval the plugs went through an extensive test program to secure that the chassis plugs fulfilled Volvo’s strict quality standards. The verification included everything from ageing tests of the material to testing the actual mounting of the plugs in Volvo cars.


Rubber Membrane

EnviroCB™ P550 has been tested to replace 100% of fossil carbon black N550 in EPDM-based rubber membranes intended for weatherproofing of buildings.

The process of blending, calendaring and vulcanizing was the same as when using fossil carbon black N550 and the end product passed the same tests and requirements as when fossil carbon black was used.