Welcome Maria Tiger, new senior Project Manager at Scandinavian Enviro Systems

Enviro expands the management group and recruits Maria Tiger as Project Manager, she has 15 years of industry experience, primarily in the oil, gas, and energy sectors. Maria will be responsible for the operation, results and structure of the projects Enviro is involved in, right now the focus is on the collaboration with tyre manufacturer Michelin.

“My role will be to ensure smooth collaboration between customers and partners, ensure that we follow budget, live up to set conditions and ensure quality assurance of Enviro’s deliveries. I believe my experience in the energy and industry sectors will contribute to a favourable development”, says Maria Tiger, new Project Manager at Enviro.

Maria Tiger started her job at Enviro in June 2020. She is a mechanical engineer and has worked as a consultant and Project Manager for 15 years with, among other things, oil and gas suppliers and the automotive industry.

“I am used to so-called Energy Performance Contracting projects and have worked at industrial companies that are closely related to Enviro. My role as Project Manager is important for companies in Enviro’s development phase, managing the project’s progress, budget, and results.”

As a Project Manager and part of the management group, Maria will also work with Enviro’s customer relations by making contacts, building relationships, and engaging partners to create good opportunities for future projects. This is important not least regarding the collaboration with Michelin where the goal is to jointly build a plant based on Enviro’s technology.

“Enviro is an interesting company with an up-to-date technology solution that is important to our future and the environment, the company is in a very exciting growth phase”, says Maria Tiger.

Background and education

Maria Tiger is a mechanical engineer and has worked as a Project Manager for 15 years. Most recently she comes from Segula Technologies and has previously worked on the Camfil Power System with Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, among others. Maria is highly experienced in managing projects where energy efficiency measures are financed with future guaranteed savings.

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