Swedish Member of Parliament visited Enviro

Hanna Westerén, MP for the Social Democrats Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro, Paula Holmqvist, MP for the Social Democrats and Bengt Sture Ershag, founder and R&D Manager of Enviro.

Social Democratic MP Hanna Westerén visited Enviro’s recycling plant in Åsensbruk in the end of last month. In the parliamentary group Westerén is responsible for small business issues and has visited all party districts in Sweden meeting small and medium sized companies.

– It’s very interesting to meet companies like Enviro and gain insight into their pioneering work. Their work towards a circular economy in the rubber and tyre industry is an excellent example of Swedish innovation on the verge to be exported globally, says Hanna Westerén.

In addition to a guided tour around the facility, Westerén and Enviro CEO Thomas Sörensson discussed the need of political incentives to develop sustainable solutions and products.

– I agree with Thomas Sörensson that more must be done on this matter, but there is a lot of ongoing discussions about how to best promote technologies and solutions that the Swedish society also will benefit from.

After the visit, Hanna Westerén is hopeful that Enviro’s technology and expertise can be carried over to other businesses.

– Enviro’s knowledge is very important and they have worked hard to develop this patented technology. Hopefully, it’s something that can inspire other industries and parts of society to invest in new technologies and solutions for sustainable development.

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