Sustainability in Focus at The Tire Cologne

Enviro CEO Thomas Sörensson and Sales Manager Fredrik Olofsson attended the international trade fair The Tire Cologne at the end of May. In addition to a presentation of Enviro’s work with bringing recovered materials to the rubber and tyre industry, several meetings and dialogues were held with tyre producers from around the world.

“The main conclusion from Cologne is that the sustainable development in the tyre industry is moving forward faster and broader than ever. The ambition to switch to recovered materials such as rCB is evident among a large part of the major tyre manufacturers,” says Fredrik Olofsson, Enviro’s Sales Manager.

The Tire Cologne had an entire part of the workshop completely devoted to circular economy and recycling technology. Enviro, together with several other market players, presented and discussed the major trends and developments.

“It’s always interesting to meet and share thoughts with our colleagues in the recycling sector. In order to carry out the paradigm shift towards a circular economy, we need to be accompanied by many others working in the same direction,” says Fredrik Olofsson.

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