Strong interest in Enviro at Carbon Black World 2018

On 24-26 September, Enviro attended and sponsored Carbon Black World 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Carbon Black World is a biennial conference that focuses on the global carbon black industry. The three-day event covered numerous activities related to the recycling of materials, from end-of-life tyres to other rubber products.

In recent weeks, we have witnessed up-close the true pace of growth in our industry segment and how well-positioned Enviro is within that area. Resource optimisation is growing in importance both at a general macro level and specifically for the industries that are driving the carbon black market. One example is the tyre industry’s greatly increased focus on sustainability. It’s an industry that’s responsible for about 70 per cent of all carbon black consumption globally,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

Sörensson continues, “The tyre segment is driven primarily by the growing automotive industry and its transformation toward sustainability. Apart from that, the authorities in, for example, the U.S., Chinese, and Indian markets are implementing draconian regulatory measures to curb the carbon black industry’s energy usage and emissions.  At Carbon Black World, we saw multiple examples from the United States where major investments are correlated and run in tandem with the imposition of fines and penalties; and in China and India, production units have even been shuttered.”

Overall, the signals from several sources indicate that the market is geared for future growth and that additional production capacity in the form of investments will be unable to meet demand.

There was strong interest in players, such as us, who are active in the recycled raw materials area – and it is clear that the industry is currently seeing Enviro and similar industry actors as more-than-viable alternatives to the status quo. John Loudermilk, Chief Operating Officer of Birla Carbon, concluded that the introduction of recycled materials into production represents the single biggest ongoing change in the industry. He proceeded to highlight the importance of sustainability as a means to compete and technology disruption as imperative for long-term success.”

Our take-aways from the conference were all the positive signals that we saw from market participants, customers, and potential business partners. This much is clear: We have a full docket going forward,” Sörensson added.

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