Sri Lanka, a key market for recovered carbon black in tyres

A follow-up order for Enviro from an international tyre producer on 26 April 2018 trains a new spotlight on Sri Lanka as a global key market for rubber products and now, primarily, solid tyres.

“Sri Lanka is one of the biggest rubber manufacturing countries in the world. All internationally leading manufacturers of solid tyres are active there with Sri Lanka producing approximately 20 percent of global demand,” says Thomas Sörensson, Enviro’s CEO.

Solid tyres are used in industrial, airport, and military vehicles, as well as contractor machinery and forklifts.

“Sri Lanka has a stated goal of introducing new technologies, innovations, and materials to create a production environment that is more sustainable. They are investing strategically in terms of production, R&D, and circular economy – and that is completely in line with our discussions with Sri Lankan companies.”

The industry there has been built up around rubber over the past 150 years and that means that Sri Lanka is currently a global player within the production of a range of rubber products. Moreover, growth is expected to increase and Sri Lanka rubber industry exports are forecast to exceed USD 3 billion in 2020.

“Recovered materials as replacements for virgin materials are highly prioritised. That’s an important signal that is being sent by the current market where all the major tyre producers have stated ambitions to that effect.”

What does that mean for Enviro?

Since 2015, Enviro has been in discussions with stakeholders in Sri Lanka and has recently taken its first real climb up the tyre production industry ladder. The rubber industry’s efforts to implement recovered materials in support of a circular economic model have gone from ambition to reality.

“This is concrete evidence that Enviro’s recovered materials are maintaining the quality that is required by the tyre industry. We’re looking at this order as a breakthrough with respect to Sri Lanka – and the solid tyre segment is an area that is expected to grow in the coming years,” Sörensson continues.

Enviro is currently supplying recovered industrial-quality carbon black to various international industries – the rubber industry (solid tyres), the auto industry (rubber plugs), and the tubes and piping industry (rubber gaskets).

“We believe that the increased demand for EnviroCB will result in an increased need for our patented technology and recycling plants,” Sörensson concludes.

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