Reasons the demand for rCB increases

The demand for newly manufactured tyres is expected to continue to grow by over four per cent per year over the next few years. A growing middle class in developing countries increases the demand for cars. Another reason is that the average annual mileage in the world is increasing.

“The fact that the entire tyre market increases could result in a cooperation between several different forces resulting in increased demand for our recovered carbon black, EnviroCB. The main driver for Enviro is that most of the major players in the tyre industry sets goals to increase the proportion of recycled materials in newly manufactured tyres”, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO Enviro.

Global tyre sales have been estimated at 3 billion units in 2017 according to Imarc Group. Research firm Freedonia Group Inc. says that higher income levels in developing countries and a growing global economy are contributing factors. Also, the increase in average annual vehicle mileage worldwide boosts tyre replacement rates.

“We follow the demand for tyres closely as it drives the overall demand for carbon black. Here, we strive to be right positioned on a world market that’s clearly turning towards a more circular economy. For two years now, we are supplying recovered carbon black to the automotive industry which only speaks to our advantage.”

The quality of Enviros recycled carbon black, EnviroCB, has already been confirmed by several international tyre manufacturers and production testing is currently being conducted by several others.

The major tyre manufacturers own words:

  • Continental’s sustainability report: “…will increase the recycled materials in new tyre production to 10% before 2025.”
  • Michelin’s webbsida on objectivs for 2020 “Contribute to the development of the circular economy, with 30% of renewable or recycled materials, in the manu­facture of tyres.”
  • Bridgestone shows in their environmental report that they will increase the recycled materials in production in the vision for 2050 The graph shows a goal for 25–50% recycled materials.
  • Pirelli’s folder about sustainability: “From green sourcing and new materials innovation to end-of-life tyre management, Pirelli takes an active leadership role.”


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