October 3rd 2018: Hi, Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro!

It’s been an eventful period for Enviro and you’ve had numerous visits to your plant in Åsensbruk. Can you tell us about some of those?

“TreadCraft from the United States paid us a visit some weeks ago to continue our discussions related to our Buffalo project. We’re working together on a timetable that’ll take us to project start in the best manner possible.”

Then we were visited by one of the world’s largest off-the-road (OTR) tyre manufacturers. They’re continuing their testing of our material for various applications in their segment. That’s a partnership that’ll prove tremendously valuable to Enviro and our plant customers in the long term.”

Enviro also participated as a sponsor at the Carbon Black World 2018 convention in Düsseldorf in late-September. What were the highlights there?

“The key take-away was that every time we attend trade fairs and conventions – such as the Carbon Black World – we’re seeing, first-hand, the growing interest and strong demand for us – the material recovery actors. And it’s obvious that the industry is seeing Enviro as a viable alternative. We had multiple meetings also attended by Windspace, our customer in Denmark.”

What’s on the agenda for the coming weeks?

“We have several Åsensbruk plant visits scheduled over the next weeks from, to name some, Great Britain, China, and Denmark. Then, on 4-5 October, our sales director Fredrik Olofsson will be participating in the Amsterdam Innovative Truck and Bus Tire Development Forum to present Enviro. Also, I’ve been invited to the Port of Rotterdam to present our technology as a potential part of their strategy for sustainability.”

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