Michelin invests in recycled materials for a sustainable future – Enviro part of the strategy

Recycled and sustainable materials are the main strategy for Michelin’s future – in their VISION concept, the company aims to use 100 percent sustainable materials by 2050. In an extensive international campaign in eleven languages, Michelin is now demonstrating how they will succeed together with their partners, one of which is Enviro.

Michelin sees sustainable materials as a crucial area in the company’s future. To visualize how to return recycled materials back into their tyre production, they have now launched a campaign showing the entire recycling chain. One step in the process is to recycle carbon black from used tyres, and the film also shows how Enviro’s pyrolysis technology works.

At the beginning of February 2021, Scandinavian Enviro Systems and Michelin signed final agreements regarding a strategic partnership in which a priority is to establish a plant for recycling end-of-life vehicle tyres in Chile. Since April of 2020, Michelin is also one of Enviro’s largest shareholders.

Watch Michelin’s campaign film below and read more about the campaign here: https://www.michelin.com/en/news/100-sustainable-tires/



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