Major interest from the international tyre and rubber industry on the first Recovered Carbon Black Conference

Fredrik Olofsson, Enviro Sales Manager.

Michelin, Continental and Hexpol were some of the international companies from the tyre and rubber industry that participated in the Recovered Carbon Black Conference – the first international conference with the sole focus on recovered Carbon Black (rCB). One highlight was Elysium Nordic presenting the plant project in Denmark which is led by WindSpace A/S and Enviro.

“We presented where in the project we are at the moment and how we as climate-focused investors view the major potential in the rCB market. We received very positive responses, and the presentation also resulted in interesting discussions about the considerable potential of pyrolysis technology in Europe,” says Jens Elton Andersen, CEO and partner of WindSpace and Elysium Nordic.

Enviro’s Sales Manager Fredrik Olofsson also spoke at the conference, he presented Enviro’s ongoing discussions on commercial commitments from the tyre and rubber industry and on expanding the global production capacity of rCB.

“I focused on the progress we’re making with introducing EnviroCB as a natural part of the production in the tyre and rubber industry, and how we work to meet the ever-growing demand for rCB by expanding production capacity,” says Fredrik Olofsson.

In addition to players from the rCB segment and international tyre and rubber manufacturers, the leading producers of virgin carbon black also participated in the conference. They showed great interest both for rCB as a product and various commercial issues that exist within the segment.

“The tyre and rubber companies all had one thing in common – they stated distinct strategies regarding the introduction of rCB in the production process. We had several interesting discussions and meetings with these companies during the conference,” says Fredrik Olofsson.

Download Enviro’s presentation from the Recovered Carbon Black Conference

Download Elysium Nordic’s presentation from the Recovered Carbon Black Conference

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