Listen when Enviro’s CEO visit the Tyre Recycling Podcast

On April 16, Enviro’s CEO Thomas Sörensson participated in the Tyre Recycling podcast, where he talked about the collaboration with Michelin, Enviro’s strong position and potential in the market and the expansion plans ahead.

The Tyre Recycling Podcast interviews leading names in the tyre recycling sector and is created by the leading journal for the tyre recycling industry, Tyre & Rubber Recycling.

Listen to the entire episode here.

From the podcast, Thomas Sörensson about the cooperation with Michelin and the latest global attention:

“It is a fantastic position to be in, it has taken us many years to reach, and it is as you say a game changer. Not only for us as a company and a team but also for the industry in general. People who have been following the pyrolysis industry for many years knows that there have been some struggles along the way, both in terms of quality and consistency, but also for the market to really take on the challenge from a sustainability angle. And that is what Michelin is doing now, they are taking a position from the industry side, connecting that with the technology available. For us, this is of course a foundation now to start the real expansion of the technology and I hope that this will help build up the market for sustainable fillers in general.”

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