Increasing global demand for recovered carbon black – EnviroCB is gaining ground

A deficit of virgin carbon black, in combination with higher demands on the tyre and rubber industry to shift to a more sustainable production, will lead to a continued increase in demand for rCB and EnviroCB. By 2023, the market for recovered carbon black is estimated to be worth $491 million.

“The tyre and rubber industries are facing challenges both when it comes to producer responsibility laws and increasing their use of recovered materials. Enviro’s recovered carbon black is a given solution for both issues and it shows in our sales efforts,” says Thomas Sörensson, Enviro CEO.

The development of the sales of recovered carbon black are categorized in three main categories namely “Active orders”, “Waiting order” and “In production test”. Those customer statuses are the most mature and will be most relevant to follow. This does not mean that the customer status not mentioned is not relevant but since this quantity is increasing, they aren’t displayed here.

In addition to active orders of EnviroCB to produce chassis plugs, rubber gaskets and solid tyres, Enviro is awaiting orders from manufacturers of agricultural rubber sheet, other types of vehicle accessories, conveyor belts and rubber mats.

“We also have several production tests underway in cooperation with both tyre producers and players within the rubber industry. Each positive test result means that we’re a big step closer to a commercial deal,” says Thomas Sörensson.

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