Extended producer responsibility driver for Enviro’s long-term business potential on the Indian market

Scandinavian Enviro System’s sales manager Fredrik Olofsson recently got home from a ten-day trip to India, meeting Indian pyrolysis companies, vehicle manufacturers, oil companies, rubber producers and tyre manufactures.

“Enviro’s patented technology follows European legislation regarding waste combustion and is very competitive in India. One of the driving forces for our technology in India is connected to producer responsibility, something that was confirmed during meetings with tyre manufactures, among others. We have already had a meeting with an Indian tyre manufacturer back home,” says Fredrik Olofsson, sales manager at Enviro.

In October, Enviro joined the India Sweden Innovations Accelerator (ISIA), a collaboration with the  Energy Agency, Business Sweden and Confederation of Indian Industries. The ISIA goal is to take green and sustainable innovations to the Indian market. Because of that Enviro visited India in November together with other membership companies. The purpose was to present Enviro’s technology for Indian companies, investors and banks which has an interest for cleantech.

“With the collaboration we want a better understanding of the Indian market and identify driving forces for future establishments of facilities. Enviro wants to offer our recovered carbon black, EnviroCB, to the Indian tyre- and rubber industry and find appropriate commercialization possibilities for tyre pyrolysis oil (TPO) to larger actors.”

India has many pyrolysis facilities, where the majority is based on domestic technology and associated with harmful emissions and health- and fire hazards. The facilities solemnly focus on pyrolysis oil and lacks process for recycling of recovered carbon black.

“India is currently working with changing and improving the producer responsibility regarding end-of-life-tyres (ELT). Enviro’s recycled products and technology is both up-to-date and competitive in the country,” Fredrik Olofsson says.

The next trip to India with ISIA is planned in May 2020.

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