Enviro’s ISCC-certified carbon black reduces CO2 emissions by 93 percent

Enviro’s ISCC-certified recovered carbon black has a full 93 percent lower CO2 impact than fossil-produced carbon black. Over the past year, most major tyre manufacturers have communicated very high targets for increased use of recycled materials, which speaks in favor of Enviro.

– There is great interest in Enviro’s recovered carbon black from, for example, the tyre industry. Our new projected plant in Uddevalla will be ISCC-certified and potentially able to recycle up to 18,000 ton of carbon black material per year, which is a significant opportunity for the tyre and rubber industry players to reduce their environmental impact, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

In September 2021, Enviro’s recovered oil and carbon black received the international sustainability certification ISCC. An ISCC certification of a raw material or product means that it receives a sustainability declaration based on the total energy consumption to produce the raw material or product through the entire value chain.

Enviro is the first company in the world to receive the ISCC certification for recovered carbon black, and a confirmation of the previously communicated higher commercial values ​​of both carbon black and oil.

The greenhouse gas calculation (Greenhouse Gas Protocol, GHG, calculation) according to ISCC* that has been made shows that Enviro’s recovered carbon black, compared with the use of the corresponding amount of fossil carbon black, reduces carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 93 percent.

– The plant in Uddevalla alone can potentially recover 18,000 ton carbon black per year, which will mean significantly reduced CO2 emissions. The oil that is extracted, which has a high proportion of bio-content, will also mean reduced carbon dioxide emissions. This is only from one plant, we have an ambitious expansion plan to establish several plants around the world.

Over the past year, most of the major tyre manufacturers have communicated very high targets for increased use of recycled materials, including carbon black. The automotive industry is also investigating how recovered carbon black can contribute to reduced environmental impact from vehicles.

– In the automotive and tyre industry, there is a clear effort to reach as close to zero as possible in terms of negative environmental impact and, in that regard, every single step and every single component plays an important role. Recovered carbon black will be one of several important pieces in that work, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.


* The reference value is 2.4 kg CO2eq (carbon dioxide equivalent) per kg fossil carbon black is taken via the LCA database Thinkstep.

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