Enviro’s breakthrough in China receives international attention

Enviro’s new partnership with Chinese Vanlead Group has gotten extensive media coverage within the international rubber, recycling and tyre media. Recycling International, Tyre Press and European Rubber Journal are just some of the news outlets that reports on the plans to both establish a recycling plant in China and create a joint venture in order to market Enviro’s patented technology across the entire Chinese market.

“While the recycling plant in Guangdong will be erected in order to meet Vanlead’s requirements for reclaimed carbon black in its own tyre production, the proposed joint venture will service the wider market in China”, Tyre Press reports.

On March 29th, Enviro went public with the signing of two separate MoU’s with the state-owned tyre manufacturer Vanlead Group. The first is for the establishment of a complete recycling plant in China, the second one for creating a joint venture between the two parties.

“The agreement between Enviro and Vanlead Group serves as a first step towards creating a new recycling facility in Guangdong in Southern China. The agreement is the outcome of positive results from demanding tests of rubber mixtures intended for tyres that the Vanlead Group performed on Enviro’s materials over a period”, Rubber Journal Asia reports.

“The Vanlead Group says its work spans multiple business areas, where tyre production represents a strategic area domestically and internationally. The company is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers and exports tyres to Europe, the United States and other parts of the world”,  Recycling Today reports.


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