Enviro welcomes Huong Nguyen as Development Engineer

Newly recruited Huong Nguyen has a Doctor of Engineering in Energy and Environment and is experienced in R&D on an industrial scale. Huong’s main tasks at Enviro will be to help design new plants and explore new ways to use the recovered oil from end-of-life tyres.

“I hope to make a greener future and a more sustainable society come true. Enviro has an interesting position on the market, I look forward working with sustainable business development. I believe my professional background can be of big help in achieving this”, says Huong Nguyen, new Development Engineer at Enviro.

Huong Nguyen has experience within thermochemical conversion of biomass and experimental R&D projects. She has a background in biomass gasification and chemical cracking of heavy hydrocarbons, i.e. tar, in the gasification gas, where knowledge of the petrochemical industry is applied.

“At Enviro I hope to further develop the use of recycled tyres and follow the trend related to recovered carbon black. I will also be giving input to the designing of new plants. My role will be broad with different tasks which is one of the reasons I was interested in the job.”

Huong Nguyen starts working on September 14th at the Gothenburg office, with regular trips to Enviro’s plant in Åsensbruk.

Education and previous experience

Huong Nguyen is a Doctor of Engineering in Energy and Environment, with specialization in energy conversion, from Chalmers University of Technology. She has worked with thermochemical conversion to investigate potential of substituting plastic waste for fossil fuel, and applying petrochemical processes to develop steam gasification processes. Huong Nguyen has recently worked for Meva Energy as a Development Engineer, where she has managed R&D projects at Meva’s full-scale demonstration gasification plant in Piteå.

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