Enviro welcomes engineer Carl-Johan Pihlgren to the company

Carl-Johan Pihlgren has worked as a consultant for Enviro since 2012 and has played an important part in the construction of the company’s plant in Åsensbruk. He now joins Enviro full-time in the role of lead process and E&IC, where he, within his area, will focus on ensuring the function, development, and commissioning of future plants.

“I know Enviro and the technology well, and after working with the company for almost nine years it is natural that I become a full-time employee. We have had several challenges over the years and are now in an exciting position to bring innovative Swedish cleantech to an international market,” says Carl-Johan Pihlgren, lead process and E&IC at Enviro.

Carl-Johan Pihlgren was among the first to achieve a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering at Chalmers in the mid-80’s. Since then, he has worked primarily with automation, combustion, and pyrolysis in various industries. Among other things, he has worked as Technical Director for Boson Energy and Manager Engineering at Mobotec Europe, and since 2009 he runs his own consulting firm Exilia Engineering. It was as a consultant that he first came in contact with Enviro.

“I have worked purely with energy, gasification, pyrolysis and combustion since 2006. I came in contact with Enviro in 2012 when the plant in Åsensbruk was being built and I joined the project responsible for automation and commissioning of the pyrolysis technology. Since then, I have been involved in the technical development.”

With the strategic partnership with Michelin as a base, Enviro will establish additional modular recycling facilities.

“We have many different skills within the company that are valuable as we continue to commercialize the pyrolysis technology. I have personally always been passionate about projects where technology meets environmental benefits and I look forward to bring Enviro’s technology to the world,” says Carl-Johan Pihlgren.

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