Enviro sponsors Carbon Black World conference September 24–26th

Enviro is both sponsor and participant in this years’ Carbon Black World conference held in Düsseldorf on September 24-26th. The conference features the largest international producers of virgin carbon black as well as many of the major buyers around the world.

“The Carbon Black industry’s interest in recycled materials has increased in recent years. During the conference we have several meetings booked and the ambition is to connect with the entire carbon black industry and potential end customers”, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO Enviro.

Enviro’s Sales Manager Fredrik Olofsson with EnviroCB.

On this year’s Carbon Black World conference, Enviro debuts both as participant and sponsor together with global players on the carbon black market.

“Increased environmental awareness, reduced access to virgin materials and new legislations around the world are a few reasons why more and more companies get their eyes on Enviro’s technology and recycled materials, EnviroCB. The industry is ready for and in need of a paradigm shift.”

“It’s also important for us to follow the development in virgin material and what’s happening in terms of challenges and opportunities within the industry”, says Thomas Sörensson.

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