Enviro speaker at the Innovative Truck and Bus Tire Development Forum

The industry-leading conference Innovative Truck and Bus Tire Development Forum has invited Enviro to present how its technology and recycled carbon black align with the sustainable development in the TBR industry (Truck and Bus Radial).

“One of the main talking points will be our joint project with, among other, Volvo Trucks, where one objective is to develop a retreading compound containing rCB. Volvo Trucks will then carry out lab and field studies on its performance,” says Fredrik Olofsson, Sales Manager at Enviro.

The Truck and Bus Tire Development Forum will be held in Amsterdam on October 4th & 5th , 2018, focusing on development and innovation within the TBR segment. The conference brings together researchers and actors from all sectors of interest in the development of TBR – such as tyre producers and vehicle manufacturers.

“Enviro’s already playing an important role in the TBR industry, considering that we recycle end-of-life tyres. The next step for us is to start using rCB in the production of new TBR tyres. We’re also seeing an opportunity to develop specific rCB fractions suited for the segment’s applications in cooperation with TBR operators.”

There’s a lot happening in the TBR segment at the moment, not least in view of the new EU legislation which focuses on sustainability throughout the manufacturing chain.

“The tyre industry in general, and the TBR segment in particular, face challenges when it comes to sustainable resource utilization. Enviro’s pyrolysis technology can play an important part in these efforts,” says Fredrik Olofsson.

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