Enviro keynote speaker at THE TIRE COLOGNE

One of the largest tyre industry trade fairs in the world, The Tire Cologne, has invited Enviro to present its technology for tyre recycling in Germany. It is a task that will be performed by Enviro’s head of sales Fredrik Olofsson.

“This trade fair is the perfect setting for laying out Enviro’s technology, the progress we’ve made, and the many successes we’ve achieved within commercial rubber production. I’ll also be talking about our project with Volvo Trucks and Galdax to develop a retreading compound manufactured with our rCB,” says Fredrik Olofsson, head of sales at Enviro.

This year’s The Tire Cologne in Germany features tyre industry actors from more than 40 countries as well as all the global tyre manufacturers. It is also the first major tyre trade fair that has a workshop component completely devoted to circular economy, recycling technology and materials development.

Olofsson continues, “Finally – finally – circular economy and recycling are receiving the attention they deserve. And that they are highlighted at such a major trade fair where the entire international tyre industry is present – well, that’s just fantastic.”

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