Enviro will be a key speaker at the Recovered Carbon Black Congress on 21-22 May 2019

Following up on last year’s Carbon Black World 2018, where Enviro drew international interest with its contributions, Smithers Rapa is now organizing a new conference that focuses exclusively on recovered carbon black. The conference will be held in Berlin on 21-22 May 2019, and Enviro has been invited as one of the key speakers.

“I think that this event will be very important for all companies that work with rCB. All of them are coming to realise that the tyre industry is now ready to start introducing rCB. We already have indications that this is happening, and hopefully, one or more international tyre companies will be reporting about this soon”, says Fredrik Olofsson, Head of Sales at Enviro.

The recovered carbon black (rCB) sector is growing, as increasingly more rubber producers are realising the commercial and strategic value in offering more environmentally friendly products. Among other things, Enviro will be talking about the company’s status and its focus on building up adequate capacity to meet the demand for rCB.

“I will also be focusing on our efforts to increase the value of rCB, both as a new commodity, and in terms of how it is priced. Another very interesting aspect we will be discussing is TPO [Tyre Pyrolysis Oil], which is starting to generate more and more interest on the market.

One of the factors for the success of a conference about rCB is to make sure that many international players in the tyre and rubber industries are involved, either as speakers or visitors.

Some of the important speakers who will be participating include ourselves, Pyrolyx, Bolder Black, Windspace A/S, and Michelin. We have a very good network of contacts in the European tyre industry, and we know that several important groups are planning to attend as visitors”, says Fredrik Olofsson, Head of Sales at Enviro.

For more information: https://www.smithersrapra.com/events/conference/recovered-carbon-black

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