Enviro in European Rubber Journal

Volvo’s approval of Enviros recycled carbon black has become world news. International industry magazine European Rubber Journal reports on the breakthrough which means that Volvo’s chassis plugs now are made from environmental rubber based on 100 percent recycled carbon black.

– It’s great seeing our technology getting international attention. The fact that a leading company in the automotive industry with such stringent quality standards approves our recycled material is of major interest to the global tire and rubber industry. It also demonstrates that it’s possible to work with sustainability as a competitive advantage, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

It was at the beginning of the year that Volvo Cars approved the use of recycled carbon black in the chassis plugs manufactured by AnVa Polytech for the car manufacturer. The approval came after an extensive test process.

– To get the green light from Volvo meant a major breakthrough for our company, and a real boost in our continued work towards a circular economy within the rubber industry, says Thomas Sörensson.

Read about Enviro in European Rubber Journal (locked article).

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