Enviro gold collaborator to the sustainability initiative Recircle Awards

In March of 2021, Enviro won the Tyre Pyrolysis Award at the international Recircle Awards event. The company is now joining as a gold collaborator to the initiative, which aims to promote and reward prominent players in the rubber and tyre industry who contribute to a more circular economy on a global level.

“Enviro wants to contribute to a sustainable future, both through our technology and recovered carbon black, and by helping other important and innovative initiatives gain increased visibility and recognition. Everyone needs to contribute to achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals”, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

As a gold sponsor, Enviro contributes to funding the 2021 Recircle Awards, an annual event that awards prizes in 20 different categories in the tyre industry.

Read more about Recircle Awards.

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