Enviro gears up production – two new operators in place

Enviro’s plant in Åsensbruk, Sweden, has started production with operations in intermittent three-shifts. At the same time, Ivan Nielsen and Johan Svensson are welcomed to the company as new operators, which means that two of the operator positions announced before the summer have been filled.

“Our new colleagues Ivan and Johan both have solid industrial experience and they’re great additions to the team. Meanwhile we’re in the middle of conducting interviews for additional operator positions,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO Enviro.

To increase production capacity, Enviro has introduced a three-shift system in the recycling plant in Åsensbruk. In addition, installed systems have been put into operation according to the plan previously communicated.

“We expect to continue installing and deploying the remaining systems as planned during the fall. The investments are aimed for both further verification of the technology that will be implemented in future plants, and capacity-increasing measures to better meet the growing demand for recycled carbon black until new plants are in operation,” says Thomas Sörensson.

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