Enviro CEO Thomas Sörensson to present on the International Automobile Recycling Congress, 11–13 March 2020

Thomas Sörensson will present the many opportunities that Enviro’s technology offers the automotive industry at the International Congress of Automobile Recycling International (IARC) in Geneva on March 11-13, 2020.

“We have proven that there is qualitative recovered material available for the automotive industry, ever since we started replacing virgin carbon black in Volvo Cars components four years ago. Now it is about the will of the industry, demands on suppliers and going from talk to action, how sustainable the industry really wants to be,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO Enviro.

One of the automotive industry’s largest international congress with focus on recycling, IARC, brings together more than 250 decision makers from, among others, car manufacturers, the recycling industry and government agencies to discuss developments and challenges within the automotive industry’s regarding recycling.

“The leading vehicle manufacturers will attend with key people from our areas of interest. Compared to a few years ago, our position has been enormously strengthened by the fact that sustainability is now a focus and that the tyre industry is actively communicating targets for the implementation of recycled material.”

Enviro’s development work on recovering carbon fiber is another opportunity for the automotive industry that Thomas Sörensson will talk about in his presentation. A 2015 EU directive requires at least 95 percent of a vehicle to be recycled, which means that car manufacturers are now looking for ways to reduce vehicle weight.

“One way to reduce the weight is carbon fiber, and we have made great strides in the recovering of carbon fiber from composite material. We expect the demand to increase and we’re working with various actors to eventually establish recovered carbon fiber in new applications in the automotive industry,” says Thomas Sörensson

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