Enviro at the Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, 5–7 March

The Tire Technology Expo is one of the world’s most prominent technology trade fairs for the entire spectrum of tyre production. Between the 5th and 7th of March, leading manufacturers and developers from all over the world will gather in Hannover, and Enviro’s sales manager Fredrik Olofsson will be on site to meet with many of the fair’s international participants.

“This is an important platform for Enviro as our position is right at the intersection between technology development and the tyre industry. We are focused on introducing recovered carbon black (rCB) as a new global and standardised product and there are clear indications that the industry is ready for the comprehensive introduction of recovered materials. I will spend my time at the fair meeting with a number of important players in the tyre industry and with international companies from other industries as well.”

As part of the conference section of the Tire Technology Expo, companies, researchers and other players will share their views on sustainability, tyre development and business strategies in connection with technology development. Much of the focus here will be on recycling technologies.

“Many of the global tyre manufacturers participating in the conferences have expressed ambitions and goals regarding the recycling of end-of-life tyres, as well as strategies for the introduction of rCB into their product portfolios, which is something that is going to generate increased demand moving forward. Enviro is a world leader within pyrolysis and rCB, and in order to meet the needs of the industry, we will need the help of several players within different recycling technologies.”

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