Enviro and Volvo Trucks – new partnership in progress

Enviro’s recycled carbon black may soon be approved for use in truck and bus tyres as a result of discussions between Volvo Trucks and Enviro through the RISE circular economy research project.

“Volvo Trucks would like the opportunity to influence tyre producers to use recycled carbon black in their operations”, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

Last year, Volvo Cars approved the use of environmental rubber containing Enviro’s recycled carbon black after a long quality test process. Volvo Cars has since then significantly increased the use of environmental rubber.

“Because our recycled carbon black is already approved for industrial use by both Volvo Cars and several international tyre manufacturers, we’ve been able to start discussions with Volvo Trucks in concrete terms”.

Enviro’s CEO Thomas Sörensson and representatives of Volvo Trucks began the discussions through a research project at RISE, a merger of several government institutions with the purpose of being an innovation partner in the circular economy for industry and society.

“Right now, the discussions are about Volvo Trucks wanting to carry out tests on truck and bus tyres with recycled carbon black in their test facility together with various tyre manufacturers. Volvo Trucks wants to be able to offer more environmentally friendly tyres for their customers, one way is to help us to be accepted quicker by the truck and bus tyre market”

There are many companies and businesses that want to improve their environmental profile.

“Together with Volvo Trucks, our aim is to spread knowledge about how to fully implement our recycled carbon black. Of course, our international tyre manufacturer customers and partners view this as a very positive initiative”, says Thomas Sörensson.

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