Chile to decide on manufacturer liability requirements – will increase the need for material recovery technologies

Over the next month, Chile will be deciding on how to roll out its environmental ministry’s implementation of its 2016 Manufacturer Liability Act. The statute’s entry into force may lead to increased interest in establishing Enviro’s technology in Chile.

For us who’re offering recovered materials, this is a very specific opportunity to provide solutions to the very actors who – going forward – will need to prove that they’re complying with regulatory requirements and who report on how they are recycling tyres sustainably,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

Enviro has been active in Chile for several years. It even participated in introducing the Manufacturer Liability Act. The manufacturer liability system that is currently being decided covers most types of vehicle tyres, including mining tyres.

“In our assessment, for the mining industry, this will result in a number of requirements for markets with extensive mining operations. Historically, manufacturer liability laws have had a very positive effect on tyre recycling rates and sharpened the industry’s focus on recovered materials. We’re accompanying this all the way up to the gate, so that when it opens our technology will be first in line as an obvious choice.”

More information on the Chile Ministry of Environment’s regulatory proposal.

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