Active dialogues on six continents

Enviro’s projects and dialogues around the world.

France, Australia, South Africa and Mexico – enquiries into Enviro’s technology are pouring in from across the world at an unprecedented rate. Enviro is currently engaged in active dialogues with stakeholders, such as recycling actors, tyre manufacturers, compounders, and industrial engineering facilities, on no fewer than six continents – the holdout continent is Antarctica.

“In recent years, the general materials recycling market has quite clearly shifted. More than ever, political and fundamental market forces are pushing the world to focus more clearly on reducing resource consumption and demand that incineration be replaced with materials recycling,” says Enviro’s CEO, Thomas Sörensson.

The need for advanced technology combined with tried-and-true, verified commercial in-service experience is increasing in step with a multitude of trends. But that need is also thrown into sharp relief because alternative technologies and simpler solutions are quite simply not meeting the quality requirements dictated by the market. EnviroCB is.

“We are starting from a completely unique position compared to most other actors. At this point, Enviro has already provided industrial-quality recovered carbon black for rubber components in Volvo’s passenger cars for two years.” Thomas Sörensson notes.

Several countries have even implemented or have plans to introduce manufacturer liability for waste categories that clearly impact the environment and society, not least tyres. This will generate even more awareness of Enviro’s recycling technology among industry actors around the world.

Sörensson continues, “In addition to our recycled materials’ obvious environmental benefits, they’ve been demonstrated to be on a par with virgin carbon black across a wide range of applications and compounders. Considering that the global market for carbon black is estimated to exceed 25 billion dollars by 2020, the potential for both Enviro’s technology and our recycled materials is inarguable.”

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