This is Vanlead Group – Enviro’s Chinese partner


Earlier this year, Scandinavian Enviro Systems signed two separate MoU’s with Chinese tyre manufacturer Vanlead Group, one for establishing a recycling plant in China, and one with the objective to set up a joint venture to market Enviro’s patented technology across the entire Chinese market. “Vanlead’s position is one of… Read More

Enviro and Volvo Trucks – new partnership in progress


Enviro’s recycled carbon black may soon be approved for use in truck and bus tyres as a result of discussions between Volvo Trucks and Enviro through the RISE circular economy research project. “Volvo Trucks would like the opportunity to influence tyre producers to use recycled carbon black in their operations”,… Read More

Swedish Member of Parliament visited Enviro


Hanna Westerén, MP for the Social Democrats Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro, Paula Holmqvist, MP for the Social Democrats and Bengt Sture Ershag, founder and R&D Manager of Enviro. Social Democratic MP Hanna Westerén visited Enviro’s recycling plant in Åsensbruk in the end of last month. In the parliamentary group… Read More

Use of environmental rubber increase at Volvo Cars


For more than a year, Enviro has been supplying recycled carbon black to Volvo Cars via AnVa Polytech’s environmental rubber compound. Since then, Volvo Cars has significantly increased its use of environmental rubber compound. Today, Enviro’s carbon black is found in around twenty different types of components in every Volvo… Read More

Enviro’s breakthrough in China receives international attention


Enviro’s new partnership with Chinese Vanlead Group has gotten extensive media coverage within the international rubber, recycling and tyre media. Recycling International, Tyre Press and European Rubber Journal are just some of the news outlets that reports on the plans to both establish a recycling plant in… Read More

Enviro signs MoU for recycling plant with Chinese tyre manufacturer


  Enviro’s CEO Thomas Sörensson and Mr. Fu, Chairman of Vanlead Group signs MoU for a new recycling plant. The Chinese, state-owned Vanlead Group, Southern China’s largest tyre manufacturer and a major international tyre industry player has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Enviro. The agreement is the first… Read More

Basic Design project in its final stage


In November Enviro and ÅF entered an agreement to establish tyre recycling plants around the world. The agreement made ÅF a collaborator in the project to develop a Basic Design for new recycling plants, which now is in its final stage. – The project has proceeded according to plan and… Read More

Enviro new member in Artis Sustainable Materials Group


Enviro is a new member in Artis Sustainable Materials Group – an initiative that brings key players within the rubber industry, such as Investors, End Users, Materials Producers and Recyclers, together. The aim is to look at the use of materials in rubber products and work towards more sustainable alternatives. Read More

Positive verdict from global tyre producer


Enviro has received a positive response from a well-known international tyre manufacturer which has carried out extensive quality tests on Enviro’s recycled carbon black, EnviroCB. The test result confirms that Enviro’s material performs on parity with virgin carbon black in terms of the characteristics of rubber intended for certain types… Read More