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Enviro in Media

Enviro in Trelleborg’s T-Time

“Trelleborg is a world leader in advanced rubber applications and has a sustainability profile that is in line with our work for a circular economy within the rubber industry. It is very valuable that they want to tell their international departments as well as their clients and partners about Enviro and our technology”, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

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Enviro in ÅF Green Advisor Report 2016

Ever since rubber tyres became popular, the recycling and handling of old tyres has been a major problem, in terms of both economics and the environment. Now, however, there is a solution.

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Enviro in The European Rubber Journal

Volvo’s approval of Enviros recycled carbon black has become world news. International industry magazine European Rubber Journal reports on the breakthrough which means that Volvo’s chassis plugs now are made from environmental rubber based on 100 percent recycled carbon black.

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Enviro in recycling today, global edition

“The European Union’s Intellectual Property Authority (EUIPO) has approved Scandinavian Enviro System’s  EnviroCB as a valid trademark, meaning the product is now protected in all 28 EU countries.”

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Enviro in Rubber news

Recovered carbon black manufacturer Scandinavian Enviro Systems A.B. has its sights set on North America, a region where it sees great potential for growth as it moves forward with joint venture initiatives.

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Enviro in Rubber Journal Asia

Sweden’s Enviro, a company developing, building and operating industrial plants for material recovery from End of Life Tyres (ELT), has formulated pyrolysis oil that can be used as fuel.

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