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Michelin strategic partner of Enviro

Global tyre manufacturer Michelin is a strategic partner of Enviro and one of the company’s largest shareholders. Together, the companies will, among other things, establish a plant for recycling used tyres in Chile. 

Recycled materials are Michelin’s main strategy for the future 

Recycled and sustainable materials are the main strategy for Michelin’s future and the company aims to make their tyres 100 percent sustainable by 2050. One step in the process of achieving this is to recover carbon black from used tyres using Enviro’s ground-breaking technology.

Jointly owned plant in Chile 

Enviro and Michelin are working together to establish a recycling plant in Chile, with the aim of recycling end-of-life mining tyres. The plant will have an annual recycling capacity of 25,000 to 30,000 tons of tyres, which corresponds to about 60 percent of the amount of mining tyres, so-called earthmover tyres, that Chile scraps each year. 

The plant site is planned to be located in the municipality of Mejillones, named Bahía Verde. 


Michelin’s new racing tyres has better performance and less climate impact due to recovered carbon black from Enviro

The racing tyres of the future contains Enviro’s carbon black 

Enviro’s recycled materials can be found in Michelin’s modern racing tyres. The tyres have been shown to have less environmental impact and at the same time higher performance compared to previous tyres.

Motorcycle tyres for the MotoE World Cup

Ahead of the 2021 MotoE World Cup motorcycle racing series, Michelin developed a new racing tyre consisting of between 33 and 40 percent recovered material. The tyre contains recovered carbon black that was produced using Enviro’s recycling technology for end-of-life tyres. 

According to Michelin, tests made during the spring of 2021 showed that the new and more durable tyres also contribute to shorter lap times while at the same time they warm up faster with improved grip as a result. 

New high-performance tyre for racing cars

In June 2021, Michelin presented a new high-performance tyre that has been developed for racing cars and is mounted on the electric-hydrogen, long-distance racing car, GreenGT Mission H24. The new tyre contains 46 percent renewable and recovered material, including recovered carbon black that Enviro has delivered to Michelin. 

The partnership Michelin and Enviro – a new sustainable future 

In addition to the conditions for the establishment of a jointly owned plant, the agreements between Enviro and Michelin regulate, among other things, the conditions for how Michelin may use Enviro’s patented technology: 

  • The agreement entails that Enviro will own a 10 percent stake in the joint venture while Michelin will own the remaining 90 percent.
  • A license agreement that extends through 2035 entitles Michelin to establish its own recycling plants based on Enviro’s technology. When establishing such plants, Michelin will pay Enviro a fixed amount per plant and pay royalties to Enviro based on a percentage of the plants’ sales.

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New high-performance tyre for racing cars