Various capital market players conduct continuous analyses of listed companies. Some companies have agreements with banks and finance institutions regarding so-called commissioned equity research, entailing that the analysis is conducted on behalf of the listed company. Enviro has an agreement with Redeye and Mangold for commissioned equity research. The analyses of Enviro, including commissioned equity research, are presented below. Publication should not be interpreted as confirmation or validation by the company in relation to the conclusions drawn in the analyses, but as a service for shareholders and the capital market. Enviro does not provide any forecasts of the company’s future performance and never comments on those issued by other parties.


Commissioned equity research 2021-03-23: Converting Used Tyres to Black Gold

Mangold Fondkommission

Commissioned equity research 2021-06-04: In Swedish: Recycled tyres on a roll

Commissioned equity research 2021-03-12: In Swedish: The wheel has started turning