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Here is Why Enviro Wins Another Two International Sustainability Awards


Scandinavian Enviro Systems won two awards at the Recircle Awards 2022, Best Tyre Recycler, and the Tyre Pyrolysis Award. Recircle Awards is an international industry initiative that draws attention to valuable contributions in the tyre, rethreading and recycling industries that promote the circular economy.

“We are very proud of the awards and to be recognized by the industry in this way. Taking the step from innovation to industrialization is a necessity for a sustainable future, which is why it is one corner stone of Enviro´s expansion strategy. Attention like this is an important part of spreading global knowledge of developments in our industry and of Enviro. It also reinforces our position as the leading actor, which strengthens the foundation of our expansion”, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

This last year has been eventful for Enviro, the work to establish a plant in Uddevalla, Sweden, has progressed, the company’s recovered carbon black and pyrolysis oil have been accredited under the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) scheme, and the plant project together with Michelin in Chile is progressing. Read more about the latest developments in the company below.

ISCC certification of both carbon black and oil

A crucial milestone that the company communicated during last autumn is the sustainability certification in accordance with the international environmental certification system ISCC, International Sustainability & Carbon Certification, which the company received for both its recovered carbon black and oil. Enviro thus became the first company in the world to succeed in certifying carbon black in accordance with the requirements for both ISCC EU and ISCC Plus. The certification obtained in combination with other regulations for sustainability classification, such as the EU’s mass balance perspective, provides an even higher customer value for the recovered carbon black and oil.

The ISCC certification of recovered pyrolysis oil from Åsensbruk enables it to be sold in the EU and the UK as a raw material to produce sustainable fuel. The oil and chemical industries have shown increasing interest in Enviro’s recovered pyrolysis oil.

“As we have previously announced, the increased interest in recovered pyrolysis oil has made capital investment appraisals for our recycling plants significantly more advantageous. A certification of this kind provides us with more stable prerequisites,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

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Scandinavian Enviro Systems won two awards at the Recircle Awards 2022, Best Tyre Recycler, and the Tyre Pyrolysis Award.

Michelin and Enviro signed a strategic partnership which includes establishing a jointly owned recycling plant in Chile based on Envir’s patented technology.

Construction project underway

Enviro has announced a plan for how the company intends to step-by-step commercialise and industrialise its unique pyrolysis technology. The company’s goal is to establish a total annual recovery capacity of 900,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres by 2030. Establishing efficient planning and execution processes and a focus on modular concepts and standardisation are essential to the success of the expansion plan. One of the projects based on Enviro’s patented technology is being implemented in Chile as a joint venture with Michelin. The international engineering firm McDermott is currently developing a Front-End Engineering Design, FEED, for the facility in Chile on behalf of Michelin. Meanwhile, recruitment is ongoing for a manager for the facility.

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The expansion plan that Enviro communicated also includes the establishment of a new recycling plant in West Sweden. The company decided during the autumn to localise the facility to an industrial site identified in Uddevalla and submitted an environmental permit application. Enviro has recruited a site manager for the plant and will need to recruit several additional key competencies to accomplish the overarching plan and to carry out the establishment in Uddevalla. This work is also proceeding according to plan.

Rendition of what a facility in Uddevalla could look like. It was shown on October 1st, 2021 as an example during the consultation meeting with the County Administrative Board and Uddevalla Municipality.

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Market demand is increasing

In the past year, it has become clear how great the need is for a technology such as Enviros, which can contribute to less fossil materials, reduced CO2 emissions and an increased circular use of valuable raw materials. The latest report from the UN Climate Panel and the subsequent COP26 climate summit gave the world a dramatic reminder of the need for rapid action in a wide range of areas. At the same time, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected the supply of many raw materials, and since the beginning of the war, Enviro has communicated that it has seen a sharp increase in interest in the carbon black and oil that company recovers from end-of-life tyres. Russia and Ukraine are both major producers of the fossil-based substance, and together with Belarus the countries produce a major part of all carbon black used in Europe.

“The war will most likely have a major impact on the supply of carbon black in both Europe and globally, and it is obvious that this creates concern among tyre and rubber manufacturers that a shortage situation will arise. The growing interest means that we will need to prioritize carefully at the same time as it confirms that it was wise of us not to rush to sign long-term delivery agreements linked to our expansion plan, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

Global demand for carbon black in 2022 is expected at 14.7 million tonnes, with a total value of approximately 23 million USD, and of which nearly all is used in tyre and rubber production. The production of the virgin material generates large emissions of greenhouse gases, as it is made from fossil fuels such as coal tar. Over time, recovered carbon black is estimated to take over half of that market.

“Awareness of the importance of sustainability topics has increased drastically, and this in turn has further increased the value of our technology and our products. What we can offer our customers in the rubber and tyre industry as well as the oil industry and the chemical industry, thanks to our technology, are products that help them meet their sustainability goals. As they are put under pressure from legislators, authorities, customers, investors and consumers, the value of what we can offer is becoming increasingly clear to them, says Thomas Sörensson.

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