The Board of Directors

Alf Blomqvist

Chairman of the Board

Birth Date: 1956-12-30.
Function: Board member since February 2017. Chairman of the board since March 2018
Education: Education at Stockholm School of Economics.
Other assignments include: Founder & Chairman at the board in Destination Fjällen Sverige AB. Funding Partner & CEO in Blomqvist Unlimited AB. Board member and chairman of the audit committee of B3IT Management AB. Member of the marketing council in the Alternativa Sweden stock market


Lennart Persson

Member of the Board

Birth Date: 1948-09-11.
Function: Board member since August 2012.
Education: MSc engineer at Faculty Engineering LTH.
Other assignments include: Board Member of BBI Basic Board industries AB.

Peter Möller

Member of the Board

Birth Date: 1952
Function: Board member since February 2017.
Education: MSc at Chalmers University of Technology. BSc in Finance & Administration at Uppsala University.
Other assignments include: CEO in P 30 Management Ltd.


Stefan Tilk

Member of the Board

Birth Date: 1964-08-31.
Function: Board member since April 2015.
Education: MSc Engineer and economy studies at ESADE Business School.
Other assignments include: Chairman of the Board at See2it AB, member of the board in Geveko (also CEO between September 2010 and May 2012), NEVS and Noxon.

Jan Bruzelius

Member of the Board

Birth Date: 1946-04-08.
Function: Board member since May 2018.
Education: MSc BA at Stockholm School of Economics
Other assignments include: Previously CEO of IL Recycling AB, previously Board Member, Nord A/S, Denmark (EQT), previously Board Member, Greentec A/S, Norway.