About Scandinavian Enviro Systems

Scandinavian Enviro Systems has a patented technology for recovering carbon black, oil, steel and gas from waste tyres.


Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB was founded in 2001. At that time, the newly-established company was still working to verify and develop CFC technology, to refine its economies of scale, assure the quality of the end products, and to improve the pyrolysis process. From 2005 to 2010, the company built six pilot plants of varying sizes. The company’s work to further develop the technology resulted in an application for a second patent entitled “Plant for the recovery of carbon and hydrocarbon compounds through pyrolysis”, submitted in 2006 and granted in 2009. This patent is called EHD, which stands for “Enhanced Heat Distribution”. Production capacity has been steadily expanded from what began at 5 litres per batch in the first plant; today’s plant has a production capacity of around six metric tons per reactor.

In 2013, a full-scale plant was built in Asensbruk. It entered into trial operation the same year. The company has then undertaken reconstruction of some parts of the existing design. The plant has a planned technical production capacity of appr. 6500 metric tons of waste tyres per year. The plant is owned by Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB’s (publ) wholly-owned subsidiary Tyre Recycling in Sweden AB.

The company was listed on Stockholm NASDAQ OMX First North stock market in 2014.

In 2015 the first agreement of delivery of produced oil and steel from the plant in Asensbruk was signed with Stena Recycling. The same year an issue of new shares was made.

Early in 2016 the first commercial agreement for delivery of Carbon black from the Asensbruk plant was signed with Anva Polytech as a result of joint development to meet the tough requirements of Volvo Car Corporation for rubber components. The first deliveries from Anva to Volvo Cars took place in spring 2015, replacing 100% of virgin carbon black in those components.The 6th of April 2016 His Majesty Karl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden honor the company with a visit in the plant in Asensbruk.

As a result of the King´s visit he invited the company to attend the State visit from Chile the 10th and 11th of May 2016. At several occations during the visit we got the opportunity to present our technology directly to President Mrs. Bachelet and several Minsiters and government representatives.

Our groundbreaking achievements are acknowledged by the international and national stake holders and we are invited to share our story at several occations. One of those took place in Gotland during the famous Almedal week we presented together with Swedish ministers, government officials, recycling gurus and other market leading companies within circular economy.

Enviro won the prestigious award Waste Management of The Year on the Swedish Recycling Awards 2016. “A technology and solution that is spreading across the world and puts focus on Swedish cleantech once again” was part of the jury’s motivation. See the press release here.


Scandinavian Enviro Systems’ technology is based on patented pyrolysis technology that was invented by Bengt-Sture Ershag in 1994. The first patent application was filed in 1998, and work to design the first pilot plant began the same year. A Swedish method patent was granted in the year 2000. The patent, formally titled “Method for recovery of carbon and combinations of hydrocarbons from polymers, preferably in the form of disposed tyres, by pyrolysis in a pyrolysis reactor[1] ”, is called CFC (Carbonized by Forced Convection).

CFC technology has been patented in a total of 19 countries.