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Efficient tyre recycling using patented technology. Recovering valuable resources and limiting the need for fossil exploitation.

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Profitable investment in the Circular economy 

In our Swedish industrial capacity plant we are producing recovered materials from used tyres and delivering recycled Carbon Black, Oil and Steel to the market. The plant is a production unit covering the initial needs of the market in combination with test and development center for coming generations of plants and materials.

The Market for our Recovered Materials

Our technology and plants are able to produce products in a quality accepted and demanded by the market.

Steel is a commodity with a continuous global demand.

The recovered oil is able to limit the need of fossil fuel from other sources and is a globally demanded commodity.

Carbon Black is used in large varieties of markets such as, rubber, plastic and toner applications. The global market is growing and with our quality we aim at certain sections of the market where we can take a position by replacing virgin Carbon Black produced by virgin oil and limit the draining of our fossil resources.



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