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Efficient tyre recycling using patented technology. Recovering valuable resources and limiting the need for fossil exploitation.

Michelin strategic partner to Enviro

At the beginning of February 2021, Scandinavian Enviro Systems and Michelin signed final agreements regarding a strategic partnership in which a priority is to establish a plant for recycling end-of-life mining tyres in Chile. Since April of 2020, Michelin is also one of Enviro’s largest shareholders.

Recycled and sustainable materials are the main strategy for Michelin’s future – in their VISION concept, the company aims to use 100 percent sustainable materials in tyres by 2050.

Michelin has already produced sustainable racing tyres based on recovered carbon black from Enviro.

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A Sustainable Future with Recovered Carbon Materials

Enviro has an ambitious expansion plan – by 2030, the company aims at establishing 30 recycling plants. Read about how Enviro, with the help of a revolutionary technology, contributes to the global goals and a circular economy.

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Profitable investment in the Circular economy 

Enviro’s recycled materials are reintroduced into equivalent new products with a strong CO2 reduction as a result. This is completely in line with the manufacturing companies’ producer responsibility and supports the industry’s strategies for sustainable production and, by extension, sustainable consumption.

The Market for our Recovered Materials

Our technology and plants are able to produce products in a quality accepted and demanded by the market.

Enviro’s technology and strategies are strongly linked to the global sustainability goals. Both Enviro’s recovered oil and carbon black is ISCC sustainability certificated.

Enviro’s recovered materials is used by companies like Michelin, Volvo and Trelleborg.

Carbon Black is used in large varieties of markets such as, rubber, plastic and toner applications. The global market is growing and with our quality we aim at certain sections of the market where we can take a position by replacing virgin Carbon Black produced by virgin oil and limit the draining of our fossil resources.

The recovered oil is able to limit the need of fossil fuel from other sources and is a globally demanded commodity. 

Steel is a commodity with a continuous global demand.

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