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Scandinavian Enviro Systems has developed an innovative solution to a serious environmental problem. Using its patented technology, the company is able to recover carbon black, oil, steel and gas from waste tyres.

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The handling of waste tyres is a global environmental problem, and Scandinavian Enviro Systems has received inquiries regarding the construction of tyre recycling plants from prospective clients around the world.

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Scandinavian Enviro Systems’ process is based on a patented technology that optimizes heat treatment of organic compounds through pyrolysis.

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Enviro wins prestigious recycling award

 | Enviro won the prestigious award Waste Management of The Year...
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Enviro in Trelleborg’s T-Time Magazine

 | The environmental benefits are enormous, as are the business opportunities...
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Thomas Sörensson speaker on Executive Forum 2016

 | Swedish cleantech spreading around the world. That’s the theme for...
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  • Head office
    Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB
    Regnbågsgatan 8C
    417 55 Gothenburg

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    Recycling plant in Åsensbruk
    Tyre Recycling in Sweden AB
    Fabriksvägen 15
    464 40 Åsensbruk

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